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SSL is a vital part of online security

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

One of the most important aspects for any online business is with regards to security. Ensuring that websites are secure is a key factor in improving the confidence of both current and future customers.

A secure sockets layer (SSL) is particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive information. This could be data such as personal bank details, telephone numbers, credit card information and names and addresses. Personal information such as this is extremely desirable for online hackers.

With this in mind, it is imperative that the necessary steps are taken to ensure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. SSL certificates are essentially a form of padlock that is activated when a customer accesses a web server from their own browser.

When to utilise SSL certificates

SSL certificates are perfect for any type of business that offers online transactions or holds personal information. Typically, they have been used by websites to provide a secure connection whilst goods or services are being purchased. Many people are aware of the risks involved when entering bank or credit card details into an unfamiliar website.


The possibility of fraud or identity theft is a real concern for many online customers. By ensuring that the website possesses a trusted SSL certificate, businesses are improving levels of customer confidence and trust. If a valid certificate is not in place a warning message usually appears on the screen alerting the user that the reputability of the site may be in question. This may cause a potential customer to think twice before continuing with the transaction.

Key benefits of using SSL

There are a number of advantages associated with SSL certificates. Perhaps the most significant benefit relates to encryption. Any information that is shared between two parties is encrypted so that is can only be read by those involved. This removes the risk of sensitive information being read by third parties.

Another important benefit of holding a valid certificate is in relation to phishing. Emails sent from scrupulous companies providing links to untrusted websites can be a real security concern.

The websites will usually ask for bank details which can be used to withdraw money from the unsuspecting recipient’s account. It is virtually impossible for such websites to obtain a valid SSL certificate and the absence of it should warn those directed there to navigate away quickly.

For legitimate businesses looking to improve customer trust, SSL certificates provide a simple yet effective solution whilst at the same time improving the image of their brand itself.


1&1 Have Launched WordPress Optimised Hosting

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

1&1 launches WordPress optimised hosting allowing a few click installation, setup, and customisation of WordPress. Reportedly an enhanced user experience and improved functionality for £0.99 First Year Special Offer

16 June 2014, HostingCon, Miami: 1&1 Internet, Ltd. (, a global leader among Web hosting providers, today announced enhancements to its Web hosting portfolio that offer an optimised workflow and improved experience for WordPress users. The new interface caters to the needs of both novice and expert users of the popular CMS. A simplified installation process as well as a new WordPress plugin, exclusive to 1&1 customers, will help guide users through the setup process to achieve various goals. Furthermore, premium themes are now made available at a discounted rate for those wishing to leverage a truly unique look.

1&1 routinely updates its products and processes to provide customers with the most seamless integration of popular applications. The newest additions to 1&1’s robust Web hosting portfolio now streamline the process of initiating, setting up, and populating a WordPress project with unique content. The 1&1 Control Panel guides users through establishing a name for the new project and completing the installation process in a quick and easy manner – an ideal feature for those new to the WordPress platform. While minimal technical knowledge is required to use this tool, the functionality of the installation is not limited. Users benefit from choosing the level of administration that optimally fits their needs and schedule. Whether WordPress is installed with full administration rights or as a 1&1 managed solution, a 30-day evaluation period is also available to allow users to test multiple apps without commitment to find the best solution possible.

Once the initial installation is complete, users can leverage the new WordPress Setup Plugin, available only to 1&1 customers, to customise their WordPress project. Developed in response to consumer demand by 1&1’s team of experienced specialists, the plugin enables a WordPress project to be configured in three easy steps: 1. Select a website category – Creating a unique online presence with WordPress has never been so effortless, be it a website, blog, gallery etc. 2. Choose a theme – After indicating how the WordPress installation will be used, suggested themes are displayed to best showcase its purpose. 3. Incorporate plugins – In the final step, recommended plugins can be selected to further improve the installation. These three easy steps allow customers to launch an optimal Web presence quickly and efficiently with WordPress.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 1&1 Internet Ltd., comments, “Around one in four websites built using a content management system employ WordPress. Therefore, it is important to support this market with a targeted focus on usability and functionality within the platform. These new solutions, partnered with 1&1’s reliable hosting environment and guaranteed performance, offer heightened opportunities for users to achieve rapid online success”.

To further ensure that a professional looking Web presence is easily achievable and economical, a 20 percent discount on third party premium WordPress themes is now available. Within the 1&1 App Center, resources are available to help with building new projects and strengthening existing installations. It is a centralised place for everything Web developers and designers need when working with their applications. WordPress themes and plugins, along with best practice tips, can all be found in this section of the 1&1 Control Panel.

The 1&1 WP Unlimited Plus package, currently priced at £6.99/month+VAT, provides 2GB of RAM to guarantee optimal performance for applications such as WordPress to run smoothly. From sign-up to project launch, 1&1’s customers benefit from a streamlined workflow that has been optimised to produce fast results. More than 40 popular open-source applications are available to install in just a few clicks. With two different installation options, users benefit from the security and flexibility that is best for their unique requirements.

Currently, 1&1’s WordPress Web hosting range starts from only £0.99/year+VAT (first year special offer). Full support is provided by 1&1 experts who are available to the customer 24/7.

For more information about 1&1 Internet, Ltd. and its Web hosting offerings, visit


New range of Fasthosts Hosting Packages Launched

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Fasthosts has launched a brand new range of premium-quality shared web hosting packages that represent the company’s latest step in its drive to raise the standard of UK web hosting. The new packages combine huge quotas of web space with new professional-quality web building and monitoring tools, and Fasthosts’ unlimited website traffic. As the market for hosted solutions continues to grow apace, the new hosting range is designed to exceed the growing technical demands of businesses and IT professionals alike.

Fasthosts’ new range of Personal Hosting packages comprise the Standard package (5GB web space), and the Premium package (25GB web space). Both solutions include all the tools needed to maintain a professional-quality website with free SiteBuilder, Blog tool and MatrixStats. The Premium package boasts 10 FTP accounts, 10 x 1GB anti- virus/SPAM mailboxes and 1 free .UK domain.

Fasthosts’ new Business Hosting Packages are the Business Standard package (25GB web space), and Business Premium package (50GB web space) . The flagship Business Premium delivers unlimited FTP accounts, up to 10 MYSQL databases and Load Balancing – which shares visitors over multiple web servers to maximise the uptime and speed of a website. All hosting packages are available in either Linux or Windows at no additional cost, an approach unique to Fasthosts.

A prominent feature is the powerful template-driven SiteBuilder tool, which benefits from 98 brand new design templates, faster editing and publishing, new site add-ons, RSS and Site Search. The tool is a highly effective way to build an impressive website within minutes, and is particularly well suited to small businesses. As eCommerce continues to be a key issue for all sizes of UK business, Fasthosts today launches a highly effective solution for starting an online store. The new optional SiteBuilder eShop, included within the Business Premium package, offers the functionality of specialist ecommerce software with unmatched ease of use and convenience of SiteBuilder. The shop pages are seamlessly integrated within an existing SiteBuilder website. Advanced features include unlimited product categories, 2-click PayPal integration, multiple currency support and advanced image handling.

Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said, “Our latest range of hosting packages sets a new benchmark for performance and value. We have built-in as much power as we can with no hidden fees or limitations. It has never been easier or more affordable to launch web project, and Fasthosts packages are designed to flex and adapt in line with our customers’ success”.

Fasthosts customers receive 24/7 technical support by phone or email. All data is hosted in Fasthosts’ state-of-the-art UK based data centre. Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, online payment services, reseller web hosting and feature-rich broadband packages.


Heart Internet Hosting now includes free Windows hosting in reseller packages

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Heart Internet, has announced Windows hosting packages in now free for resellers as part of their monthly fee.  Formerly, Heart Internet charged a £10 fee for resellers who required Windows hosting, but it is now included for free within a normal reseller hosting package. It is unusual to offer this as a free service for a reseller package so gives Heart a distinct advantage over its competitors in the reseller hosting market.

A Heart Internet reseller hosting package already offers unlimited web space and bandwidth, with the ability to host unlimited domains. By having free windows hosting available as part of the monthly fee, they have created an attractive reseller hosting package for prospective clients to sign up to.

“By offering Windows hosting for free within the monthly package, we are capitalising on an area of the market that our competitors seem to be overlooking,” commented Jonathan Brealey, Managing Director of Heart Internet. “We believe that offering Windows hosting for free should be commonplace with any reseller package as it makes up so much of the hosting market. By including it in our reseller package for free, we are still head and shoulders above our competitors, offering the best reseller hosting services within the UK.”

At XEC we have been using Heart Internet web hosting for several years, finding them reliable and responsive to any problems.  To find out more about Heart Internet’s services, visit