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Five tips for managing your online security

Monday, May 19th, 2014

2The web offers us an overwhelming range of possibilities, but it’s not without its dangers. Whether it’s identity fraud we’re worried about, freedom of speech, or the loss of other sensitive information, it’s worth keeping our wits about us when we’re browsing the web.

A handful of recent news stories have helped to highlight the importance of security online. From the recent Heartbleed bug, to the stories about the NSA and GCHQ that appeared last year, the evidence telling us we need to be secure is out there in abundance. Here, we consider a number of things you can do to ensure that you’re more secure online.

1. Use secure passwords

No service can ever be considered properly secure if the passwords you use aren’t strong. In addition to using varied and difficult-to-guess passwords, it’s advisable to use different passwords for different sites. Otherwise, a security breach on one site could ruin your security across the board.

2. Look for SSL certificates

It’s particularly important when you’re shopping online that you look out for security certificates. An exchange 2010 certificate can tell you not only that the company you’re dealing with can be trusted, but that the connection you’re making to their server is encrypted and secure.

3. Consider PGP encryption

If you’re in correspondence which somebody via email and you’re sharing unusually sensitive data, it might be worth looking into PGP encryption. If you’re making use of encryption at both ends, this is the best way to ensure that the information you’re sharing isn’t seen by any unwelcome eyes.

4. Update your software

Staying safe online requires you to adapt on a regular basis. One of the most important aspects of this lies in keeping your software up to date. As well as updating your web browser, it might be worth looking into various plug-ins which keep you safe.

5. Use anti-virus software

The bloat which comes with a computer can sometimes be frustrating, but this shouldn’t drive you to remove all anti-virus software. There are plenty of lightweight and open source alternatives which can keep your computer safe and alert you to any suspicious pieces of data or websites you come into contact with online.


Small Businesses should pay attention to website design

Friday, March 4th, 2011

UK SMEs are damaging their businesses with a poor online presence. 70 per cent of people claim they would not buy from a company with a badly designed website, according to research carried out by OnePoll, on behalf of BaseKit.

The research also found that two thirds of business owners believe how a company website looks is more important than the location of the business. This makes it even more vital that a company’s website gives the right impression of the business.

“It has never been more important to present your company professionally online. In the digital age, consumers expect a company to have a well thought-out online presence. This is supported by the fact that two thirds of businesses believe that a website has more impact on its success than location,” comments Chris Winstanley, Head of Marketing at BaseKit.

“More and more consumers and businesses are looking online for their everyday needs. It is imperative that SMEs have a website that is easy to navigate, fully functional and well-presented. A well considered website can dramatically add value to the business, especially if it provides customers with all the information they need to make a purchase. The research demonstrates that an unattractive site can detract from the effectiveness of a company and this lack of trust can seriously hit the business’ bottom line,” Winstanley concludes.

Another aspect that small business owners often overlook, is the proper insurance coverage. If this applies to you, or your business, it may be worth getting a general liability insurance quote.

The OnePoll survey was carried out between 4th and 10th January 2011, and surveyed 577 UK SMEs.



Earn Money with goviral video publishing system

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Founded in 2005, goviral specialises in distributing videos across blogs and websites. goviral is one of the UK’s largest viral marketing agencies giving bloggers access to the latest and best viral videos to post on their sites. Join goviral network to choose from a wide range of the latest viral and video content for your site and earn revenue when your users click to play the content you post. In May 2010 goviral distributed over 25 viral videos in the areas of sport, music, technology, film and entertainment on some of the UK’s most popular websites and blogs.

In order to register your website you need to sign up at GVN. After completing the registration form, someone from the goviral network team will send you an email confirming your account as well as getting started information. Once you have set up an account you can view the latest videos, customize the player code and view the performance and remaining budgets of the content you publish. For publishers there are two types of video player – the Stand Alone Player and the Syndicated Player. The Stand Alone Player only ever displays one video – ideal for editorial placements and for publishers who regularly update their sites. The other option is a Syndicated Player. The Syndicated Player feeds in a selection of goviral’s latest campaigns at random, meaning there is a constant flow of fresh video on a site. Once a campaign expires, the video is replaced with a new one. This is a great solution for publishers who need a zero management advertising solution. The Syndicated Player is also geo-targeted meaning that the videos are displayed according to a visitor’s country. If a French visitor lands on an English site, they will see a French video, ensuring all non-UK traffic is monetised.

According to leading research by Dynamic Logic, video is superior to all other traditional online formats in driving awareness, brand favourability and purchase intent. Video is historically the most powerful narrative format for building brands, the internet adds a further wealth of interactive opportunities to that equation. Since the birth of YouTube, online users have grown hungry for online video. To match this switch in behaviour brands are increasingly turning to online video advertising to spread their messages and users are looking for fresh new content to watch.

Why not register at goviral today and see for yourself how viral videos can help your site.

For further information please consult the goviral user manual – or check out our latest campaigns at the goviral blog.


Getting new sites developed

Monday, February 8th, 2010

We’ve now got nearly 4,000 domains in our portfolio, and increasingly we are investing our time and money in developing out as many as we can. I’ve spent a good few hours today setting up sites on the following:

As usual we have used WordPress – with the right plugins it makes life very easy and is a good way to build out content sites quickly. We’ve also made use of our in-house team of writers to roll out the sites at a cost-effective price.