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We are ready to work with you to secure your next premium domain name. Our services include but are not limited to..
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At XEC Internet we understand every successful online business the need to secure a premium domain name and our expert team are on hand to help. We own and operate some of the UK's leading virtual real estate properties and work with you to secure your digital future.

We are full members of Nominet UK and have years of experience in domain services.


Free online press release websites

For small businesses raising brand awareness is a major goal. There are so many different ways of doing this – however one largely overlooked resource are free online press release websites.

Press releases are something that most of us have heard of, and seen regularly, but when you’re running a small business, how do you know if a press release is the right thing for you, and even more confusing, how does it all work?

The press release has long been part of many PR campaigns and it’s still a really good powerful tool. There are loads of services online where you can place your press release when you’ve written it, some of them are free, some you will need to pay for, and both will help your campaign.

One good free UK based site that you can use very easily is www.pressrelease101.co.uk; you’ll need to register, but once this is done, you can just log in, publish your press release and once it’s been approved it will go live on the site.

The irony about free vs paid press release website is that in some cases you get just as much exposure on a free site as you do a paid website, it is simply down to the fact that someone is willing to pay a fee to be on a paid PR site. A large number of free PR sites will help with SEO as well as appear in Google news.

Obviously, writing a good press release will help, and including keywords throughout your press release that people use when doing a search is very important. Some keywords and phrases are searched for more often than others, and you want to distribute your keywords through the release using one in the headline, one in the first paragraph and then several through the body of the text. Don’t stack it so full that it doesn’t read well however, and make sure that the keywords do actually relate to your business or they won’t be helpful in getting you customers.

A good place to start when looking for keywords to use is Google’s free keyword tool just type into it some keywords that you think will be useful, and Google will tell you which of them are most searched for, and then suggest others that you could use as well or instead.

If you haven’t thought about online pr before it is definitely something you should consider as part of your marketing mix!


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