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Our Services Include

We are ready to work with you to secure your next premium domain name. Our services include but are not limited to..
  • Domain Name Sales
  • Domain Drop Catching
  • Domain Monetization
  • Domain Brokerage
  • Domain Valuations

The Domain Name Experts

At XEC Internet we understand every successful online business the need to secure a premium domain name and our expert team are on hand to help. We own and operate some of the UK's leading virtual real estate properties and work with you to secure your digital future.

We are full members of Nominet UK and have years of experience in domain services.


Some keyword domain names auction action

We are beginning to see some more regular offers for some of our domains – particularly for some of our 2 and 3-words keyword domains.  Such domains seem to be increasingly recognised as being a great business asset and also a possible short cut to successfully attaining good search engine presence.

At present we currently have bids in for:

snowboardholiday.co.uk – Click here for details.
digitalcamerainsurance.co.uk – Click here for details.
incomeinsuranceprotection.co.uk – Click here for details.
gizmostore.co.uk – Click here for details.


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