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At XEC Internet we understand every successful online business the need to secure a premium domain name and our expert team are on hand to help. We own and operate some of the UK's leading virtual real estate properties and work with you to secure your digital future.

We are full members of Nominet UK and have years of experience in domain services.


Nominet calling for more stakeholder engagement

Nominet, the not-for-profit organisation responsible for .uk Internet infrastructure, today announces an update from its policy team, including a call for contributions to current policy proposals.

Nominet is taking a more consultative approach to policy development, and has published more details of its new process framework at www.nominet.org.uk/policy

The policy process is designed to ensure participation from the broadest group of stakeholders possible. It can involve the development of an ‘issue group’ to discuss issues relating to .uk policy, which encourages participation from relevant stakeholders around the UK. These groups will discuss specific issues and provide policy recommendations to Nominet’s Board for consideration. This ensures that Nominet hears the considered opinion of relevant stakeholders prior to making any policy decisions.

The policy process is managed by the Nominet Secretariat and all interested parties can sign up for updates at www.nominet.org.uk/policy/signup

In addition, Nominet today announces updates on two current issues.

Criminal Activity involving use of domains

The Dealing with domain names used in connection with criminal activity issue group is being formed, in response to a proposal submitted by Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). The publication of this proposal led to a wide range of stakeholders expressing an interest in being involved in the discussion. Nominet is calling for those wanting to put themselves forward to take part directly to register by 23rd February.

It is anticipated that the group will be selected by 2nd March, and will meet for the first time later that month. An independent summary of the issue has been commissioned and will be circulated to stakeholders and issue group members in advance of first meeting of the issue group.

Expired Domain Tasting

Expired Domain Tasting is a proposal for an issue group.

The policy process was started with a proposal submitted by a Nominet member regarding the monetisation or traffic monitoring on expired domains by registrars.

Nominet is calling for stakeholders to comment on the proposal, or the treatment of expired domains more generally, by 2nd March. A decision as to whether this issue proposal will progress to the constitution of an issue group will be based on the feedback received. Comments can be submitted at www.nominet.org.uk/policy/issuegroups/contribute

Eleanor Bradley, Director of Operations at Nominet comments: “We’d encourage anyone that wants to be involved in the process to get in touch and have their say. We want to gather the broadest range of feedback possible across all matters of .uk policy and feed it into our policy development process.”


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