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Textbroker Gives Top 10 Marketing Tips For 2016

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

With the year winding down, Textbroker CEO, Phillip Thune, has analyzed the most important experiences and insights in content marketing from the past year to compile a Content Marketing Top 10 Tips list for 2016.

1. Document your content strategy.

Strategically plan, create, distribute and measure content to achieve long-term success. Studies have shown that a documented strategy outlining all objectives, channels of distribution, deadlines and responsibilities helps companies achieve their content marketing goals.

2. Communicate frequently with your team.

According to a  recent study , 61 percent of companies that are effective at content marketing meet at least once a week to discuss their content activities. Communicating regularly and having a strategic approach are essential for running a successful content marketing program.

3. Use different types of content.

There’s no question that users like their content to be varied. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), companies that are particularly successful with content marketing use on average 15 different types of content. Whether blogs, case studies or infographics, marketers should decide case by case what format is right for the subject matter and the audience.

4. Invest in content creation.

Investing in content marketing seems to be paying off. According to CMI, companies that determine their content marketing efforts are very effective allocate 42 percent of their marketing budget on average to creating content. For companies that consider their efforts to be ineffective, the share is significantly lower at 15 percent.

5. Invest in content distribution.

It is becoming even more difficult to reach your own target audience due to the increasing amount of content. This is especially true on social media, where organic reach is sinking. So focus on new forms of content distribution, which includes an effective social media advertising strategy. In addition, many content discovery tools like Outbrain are being used to engage consumers or extend content reach.

6. Focus on data driven content.

Data driven content marketing is more than a new industry buzzword. Establish how you can gather and make good use of information in order to provide relevant content.

7. Do not rely on “SEO truths.”

You cannot improve your Google rankings by simply stuffing certain keywords in the content or optimizing a keyword to a specific density. You also shouldn’t rely on old SEO truths or formulas. Users and search engines alike prefer high-quality content that covers interesting topics from various angles and uses relevant terms.

8. Measure, measure, measure!

Anyone who wants to understand what content works, and what doesn’t, has to regularly measure the success of the content that was distributed.  This will depend on what the overall goal is, such as increasing sales or the number of registrations.

9. Choose quality over quantity. 

To differentiate your content from the competition, offer unique and high-quality content. The key should not be to cover as many topics as possible, but the right ones. We recommend that you publish a few high-quality, relevant pieces of content over a longer period of time rather than lots of less effective content over a shorter period of time.

10. Last but not least – be patient. 

Do not expect miracles overnight. To see measurable effects, experience has shown that content efforts should continue for at least 3 to 6 months.

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