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ASAP continue to buy premium domain for their consumer sites

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

One of Great Britain’s top online business networks named ASAP Networks Ltd ( has announced that in an effort to provide its users with more information surrounding popular issues, they have purchased three new sites. The sites that the leading company now owns include,,

ASAP Ventures Ltd allows consumers throughout the UK to explore information regarding many different issues. For example, as the company now owns, consumers and homeowners can explore a vast array of information surrounding energy including, how much their gas bills should be, and much more.

There is also much more information to be found within the network of sites besides energy, especially now the company has acquired The site is brilliant for those who are thinking of starting a new business and even those who already have a business, as it contains information about marketing and how to create business slogan.

ASAP Ventures also contains a number of tourism and travel agency websites for consumers, and they have recently added another specialist site to their ever expanding network, which is named The site is aimed at UK travellers and tourists and is going to be a great resource for them to use.

Antony Fallman is the designated spokesperson of ASAP Ventures Ltd, and he said, “One of the reasons why ASAP Ventures commits itself to acquiring new sites is so consumers always have access to vital information, and as they have bought a range of new sites this goal can be achieved and continued. Information such as travel, energy and business marking is extremely popular with both web users and consumers.”