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In just 3 months .PARTY domain ending sees over 100,000 registrations

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

The new .PARTY domain ending has raced past 100,000 registrations in the 3 short months since its launch. This puts .PARTY firmly in the top ten new generic Top Level Domains released under ICANNs New gTLD program.

“We had little doubt that people would love the .PARTY domain ending” said Andy Churley, CMO of Famous Four Media, the registry management company for .PARTY. “Party venues, events and media companies, children’s entertainers and political parties from all over the world are already using .PARTY web addresses.”

In 2013, ICANN the body that oversees domain names on the Internet embarked on a massive program of change opening up the domain name space to thousands of new domain endings. Web-addresses don’t have to end in .com, .net or .org any more, now they can end in almost anything.

“At Famous Four Media we love the .PARTY domain ending because it’s a short, clearly understood term which has global appeal.” continued Churley “People love .PARTY because it conjures up memories of fun times and epic nights out; memories that can be shared with the world on a .PARTY website ”

Famous Four Media plans to launch 10 more domain extension in 2015 to complement the six domain endings (.BID, .TRADE,.WEBCAM, .SCIENCE, .CRICKET and of course .PARTY ) that it has already launched. Domain names can be registered through Famous Four Media’s extensive network of ICANN accredited registrars.

A list of Famous Four Media’s accredited domain name registrars can be found here –