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95% support for Nominet’s recommendations on future governance

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Nominet’s consulation on shaping the future of .uk domains closed on 15 December 2009.  Nominet have published the survey responses here.

So far there as been overwhelming support to the recommendations made by Nominet, with 95% of respondents of approximately 300 respondents in favour of Nominet’s proposals on each of the four consultation questions.

What do you think of our commitment to securing Nominet for the public purpose?

What do you think of our commitment to having strong Nominet governing principles?

What do you think of our commitment to ensure that Nominet pricing is fair and flexible?

What do you think of our commitment to putting membership at the heart of .uk?

It is still possible to submit your views to Nominet, you can view a pdf version of our consultation paper and email your response to

Nominet now have the task of reviewing the responses and considering the feedback we have received.  Following this, in January, we will publish a revised version of our articles.  Following this, they will be inviting Nominet memberships to vote on these proposed new Nominet articles ahead of an EGM in February 2010.