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Nominet continue to clamp down on illegal online activity domain names

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Nominet have released some new tools for their registrats to help in the fight with using .UK domain names for illegal online activity.

Firstly they are introducing a Phishing feed service. This is designed to provide registrars with information about domain names on their account that are suspected of being involved in phishing. Nominet is working with a range of security companies who are providing them with live data feed of sites that have been reported as phishing sites. The data is then used to alert a registrar of any domain names on their tag that are on this report, who can then lock the name using our Investigation lock, whilst further checks are carried out.

Whilst a domain name has been placed under an investigation lock, this will act by removing the relevant domain name from the zone file and preventing changes from being made. This means that any web site or email associated with the domain name will no longer be available.

Nominet are to be applauded in this innovation, especially as it will bring extra credibility and trust to the UK domain register.