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Yahoo getting serious about original content

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Since May, Yahoo! have been increasing their efforts to produce a substantially improved amount of original content on their site.   This coincided with acquisition of Associated Content by Yahoo!, taking on board their source of original material from approximately 380,000 writers.

Yahoo have since capitalised on this move through a smart programme of hiring, and luring in high profile names such as Ben Stiller, whose ‘webisodes’ will be created and broadcast exclusively on the Yahoo! site. The search engine company have been making strides towards the ultimate goal of 20% original content since 2007, with the formation of Yahoo! Sports. In the development of this new dimension, Yahoo! brought in a series of editors and bloggers tasked with the job of writing original articles.

By moving into this arena, and by taking steps to evolve their business model from a search engine provider to a content provider, Yahoo! are now in direct competition with companies such as AOL and even the New York Times.

In fact, according to, Yahoo! News is the most popular news site in the USA with 70 million unique monthly visitors.

This has brought comment from the online world, with SEO company who have highlighted the importance of originally produced material:

“For Yahoo!, it is the difference between covering a news story, and breaking one. The benefits of self produced content are significant, insofar as they not only enable the site to move into the more lucrative arena of content generation, but also enhance the reputation of the site as an authoritative figure in journalism.”