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Videojug Revenue Sharing website launched

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Videojug Revenue SharingVideojug, the pioneer of ‘how-to’ online video is extending its brand family with the launch today of ‘Videojug Pages’ –, a new knowledge and revenue sharing website. Videojug Pages aims to create a global marketplace for individuals and organisations seeking to offer “best-of-breed” wisdom and advice.

The platform allows individuals and organisations – including jobbing professionals, industry experts, companies, charities, partnerships, Government bodies and others with valuable knowledge – to easily share their know-how and opinions with an audience that is searching for answers to life’s everyday questions. Videojug Pages will create communities of knowledgeable and expert enthusiasts grouped around shared interests, all producing high-quality, factual and informative content for which they are financially rewarded. It will appeal to experts in a wide range of specialist fields: from professional stylists offering their beauty tips, to foodies sharing their favourite recipes and home cooking know-how.

For brands, Videojug Pages offers commercial opportunities to target and interact with these communities through both branded content hubs and display and video advertising. Panasonic is the first brand to have signed up to the platform, providing expert photography content and advice.

Videojug Pages will place video and display ads from its exisiting network of partners on these high quality pages, splitting the revenue 50:50 with the content creators. Contributors can also run Google AdSense and Amazon ads on their pages. Because of the search engine power of, the new Videojug Pages platform will enable content creators to attract traffic straight off the bat – a valuable benefit for expert, niche bloggers whose valuable views are not generating the traffic they would have hoped for on randomly organised blogging platforms.

The key features of Videojug Pages are:

• Free and easy-to-use editing tools allow content creators to publish content in a professional format, using video as well as text and images for enhanced user engagement.

• Videojug Pages custom built community tools, such as ‘mini-forums’ enable content creators to quickly build a community around their specialist knowledge and content.

• Hierarchical structure of the site groups similar content together making it easier to browse; this encourages more page and video views, driving greater revenues for content creators.

• Collaborative publishing tools allow likeminded people to pool their knowledge and collaborate on the same piece of content and to share equally in the revenue from that content.